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Project Digital Product Email Course

    Thinking about creating an ebook, course, or printable this year?

    Creating digital products was a HUGE turning point for me & my biz. And I've created ALL of the above, so I know a thing or two that can make things easier for you.

    No matter what your zone of genius is (or if you’re still searching for your secret sauce) - you CAN make a killer digital product in less than 30 days.

    It doesn't matter if you're an online shop owner, blogger, designer, or you're new to the online space.  

    Even if you don’t have a CLUE what you want to make yet, you’re in good hands.

    It’s time to do yourself a favor, and take your time & income into your OWN hands! 🙌

    Hey there, I’m Taylor!  

    I teach creative entrepreneurs & bloggers how to grow and thrive.

    A little bit about me: I owned an independent online bookstore called SilverFire Books for years. Now, I focus on digital products and marketing services. In addition to Small Biz Refined, I also run three other blogs: Reader Haven, SemiSweet Bites, and Custard Toast Cravings.

    I’m an unabashed bookworm and tech nerd who’s just as happy chatting about books as I am sharing social media & marketing tips with you!  

    You can read more here.

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